Shawn Ziem

Connection Making Machine

Shawn Ziem has been involved in business development since 2002 when he was writing mortgages. Over the years, he has been using his ability to connect people to help develop his insurance business. He found that if he introduced a professional to another through collaboration it would allow more relationships to develop which in turn would increase recommendations. The beauty with a recommendation is that it’s putting both parties name and reputation on the line which causes each to work even harder to make sure the client has an extremely happy experience.

Shawn Ziem – About Me

Shawn loves connecting with all professionals involved in real estate transactions since there are many people he can help. The professionals he connects with are real estate agents, mortgage professionals, attorneys, home inspectors, & all trades involved with a home. The benefit of these connections helps when someone calls there is an immediate recommendation to send to a professional.

“Shawn helped connect my business with relevant people consistently and effectively!”





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Northern New Jersey