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Benefits of networking & collaborations?

What value does collaborating bring?

Collaborating with other businesses regularly allows you to connect and create meaningful business relationships referring services and helping generate leads. When your part of a network you can pass along leads and never lose out on opportunities.  

How Do I Get Started?

It’s simple, start proactively marketing yourself online and through your social channels. Discuss the values you offer, how you can help, what leads you look for, and if you can pay out referral commissions mention it! If you still need help contact us today!

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No! We work with individuals just starting their business along with fortune 500 enterprise corporations and everything in between. We can provide numerous business services to help get you up and running or enhance your current business. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes! We provide an array of different business services through our strategic relationships with collaborating companies. Everything from Insurance to digital marketing we have you covered!

About Shawn Ziem


Shawn Ziem has been involved in business development since 2002 when he was writing mortgages. Over the years, he has been using his ability to connect people to help develop his insurance business. He found that if he introduced a professional to another through collaboration it would allow more relationships to develop which in turn would increase recommendations. The beauty with a recommendation is that it’s putting both parties name and reputation on the line which causes each to work even harder to make sure the client has an extremely happy experience.

“Shawn took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable series of marketing videos for social media!”

Shawn Ziem has been an amazing asset for generating qualified leads consistently through his effective usage of video marketing online and through social media. His consistency, and drive truly stands out! Even though he is not a salesman on our staff, it feels like he should be working for us full time given the amount of leads that he sends our way!

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